Hebei Zhonglian Cashmere Woolen Co., Ltd (Zhonglian)

Hebei Zhonglian Cashmere Woolen Co., Ltd (Zhonglian), established in 1986, is a leading integrated supplier specialized in providing cashmere fiber and spin woolen, semi-worsted , worsted yarns with pure natural fiber cashmere, silk, wool, cotton, blend and various knitted garments. We are committed to provide the highest quality and being a partner of choice in the cashmere industry. Our wholly-owned operating hubs in Qinghe, Hebei Province , Huzhou , Zhejiang Province and Dongguan, Guangdong Province produce more than 300 tons of cashmere fiber, 200 tons of cashmere yarn and 300,000 pieces knitted garments each year. Moreover, Zhonglian has become the exclusive and/or preferred supplier of cashmere to world's top brands in the sector

Our strategy is to develop new products pursuant to our committed focus on market needs. Zhonglian has established the in-house collection centers, and formed a team of specialists in Inner Mongolian which are the core elements to pursue for the best cashmere fibers. We equip with the latest high-tech cashmere carding machines and spinning techniques to assure the highest quality while providing the market with acceptable cost.

Zhonglian will offer "Professional, Promptest & Convenient Service" and looking forward to becoming your strategic, integrated partner, bringing the value of "HIGHEST QUALITY AND LOWEST COST"